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“The reason I’m so passionate about the Juice Mafia is because juice drastically changed my life. I used to be over 200 lbs and led a very unhealthy lifestyle, all before finding my cure through juice. It is my goal to introduce health in a convenient and delicious manner, and to offer a different perspective on health and wellness. Imagine receiving all of your vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a convenient, tasty juice, thats what we offer here at the Juice Mafia.” – Douglas Mahoney, founder.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality organic juice possible. We source all of our ingredients from local farmers markets and use zero additives. All of our juice is Cold-Pressed and made with love here in South Florida. Our goal is to make health delicious and enjoyable rather than boring and unwelcome. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our juice and everything we do. We bottle our local made juices in high quality glass, and try our absolute hardest to have as little negative impact on our planet as possible. Thank you for supporting us on our journey in making health convenient and delicious!

Douglas started off as a plant-based nutritionist and health coach. After helping others through his services, he wanted to offer a product that could allow him to help others on a large scale. Thats when the Juice Mafia was created with hopes of creating a fun, healthy brand that would benefit anyone and everyone who purchased it. Douglas is a 26 year old plant-based nutritionist through Cornell University who has put his passion for health, wellness and longevity into Juice Mafias line of 100% organic cold-pressed juice.