Monica Avayou From Mind To Hand.

The word recycle comes from the Greek and is composed of theprefix re-, which means again”, “reiterate”, and the noun kyklos, which, in English, is translated as “cycle”. Recycling is then the act of inserting new elements or resources already used into a new circle or life cycle. It has to do with taking advantage of the waste we produce either to reuse it, transform it into new products or give it a new use, different from the one for which it was conceived. For Mónica Avayou, the process of creation is the fulfillment of an instinctive need to express herself, through a sensual perception of the world that is embodied in her unique fabrics Hundreds of plastic bags whose fate was death and oblivion, having been thrown into the sea and smothering thousands of species, now serves as the skeleton of the artist’s pieces